at OSRT?

FREE CE Event!!

There is a FREE CE event happening Tuesday, Oct. 15 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm in El Reno, OK!

It will be held at Montana Mike’s Steakhouse (1609 SW 27th St., El Reno, OK).

You can meet the OSRT Board of Directors, earn 2 hours of free CT, and catch up with old friends in the process!

Pre-register here: http://www.cvent.com/d/khqj8m/4W

Board Meetings

Join us to stay up to date with what is happening in your state organization. The next board meeting is June 29th, 2019 at 9:00am @ OUHSC.

Annual Seminar

The 74rd OSRT Annual Seminar is scheduled for 2020. Check back for more updates.

Check back soon for more information about next year’s Seminar!

Rules of Procedure for Annual Seminar

Rules of Procedure

The Annual Seminar Business Session Rules of Procedure shall be adopted by a majority vote of an established quorum in the first business session. The rules contained in Roberts’ Rules of Order Newly Revised shall serve as the governing authority to which they are consistent with the OSRT, Inc. Bylaws.Registration

  1. All active, associate, life, honorary, retired, student members and guests of the OSRT, Inc. must register for the Annual Seminar.
  2. Current active or life membership in the OSRT, Inc. is required for the purpose of establishing voting member status.
  3. The Sergeant-At-Arms will report to the Chair the number of voting members in attendance at the beginning of each business session and state the number of attendees necessary to establish a quorum.
  4. Reciprocity to members of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists affiliate state societies will be offered for the sole purpose of determining the appropriate registration fee.


  1. Identification badges issued to seminar participants must be worn for admission to all business sessions, scientific sessions, educational sessions and social events.
  2. A star affixed to identification badges will be issued to voting members who hold current active or life membership in the OSRT, Inc.
  3. During business sessions, voting members will be seated in a reserved section for the purpose of voting and maintaining a quorum.
  4. No business session will begin until a quorum of twenty-five (25) percent of the voting members registered at the annual meeting for that day and not less than two (2) officers are present and counted by the Sergeant-At-Arms.


  1. Voting is a privilege of the active and life members of the OSRT, Inc. who are not in arrears for dues as stated in the OSRT, Inc. Bylaws.
  2. Voting procedures will be viva voce (by voice) or such voting procedures as best meet the needs of the Society and are applicable to the business to be conducted.
  3. Proper identification is required to exercise the voting privilege (star on badge).

Motion and Debates

  1. Only OSRT, Inc. members may introduce business to the assembly.
  2. No member will address the assembly until they have stepped to the floor, been recognized by the Chair, and stated their name and category of membership.
  3. The right to address the assembly may be granted to a person other than a member by consent of the Chair or by a majority vote of the voting members present.
  4. All motions presented to the Chair in a business session must be written and signed by the maker and seconded.
  5. OSRT, Inc. members are the only persons who may participate in discussion or debate.
  6. Debate is limited to three (3) minutes for each member on each debatable question. The Chair may grant an extension of time. Members may speak only twice on an issue.
  7. The Sergeant-At-Arms will serve as timekeeper during any discussion and debate.

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