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The Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc.
PO Box 6303
Moore, OK


OSRT, Inc. Standing Committees

Bylaws Committee
Chairperson: Ariele King Board Chairperson
Co-Chair: Leslee Smith Executive Secretary
Members: Tori Maxey State Delegate

Student Intern Committee
Chairperson: Sheana Thompson Educator Representative
Co-Chair: Curtis Holmes State Delegate
Members: Kiley Hatch Webpage Editor

Historical Committee
Chairperson: Kiley Hatch Webpage Editor
Co-Chair: Tori Maxey State Delegate
Student Intern

Nominating Committee
Chairperson: Phenix Baldwin President
Co-Chair: Scott Tulane President-Elect
Members: Taylor Tamage Vice President

Advocacy Committee
Chairperson: Scott Tulane President Elect
Co-Chair: Tori Maxey State Delegate
Members: Jeff Berry, Alyssa Duncan, Nicole Oritz, Corina Dossier, Megan Shrock, Marissa Magnum, Taylor Tamage
Student Intern
Student Intern

Scholarship Committee
Chairperson: Ariele King Board Chairperson
Co-Chair: Scott Tulane President-Elect
Members: Marissa Mangrum Radiation Therapy Representative

Membership Committee
Chairperson: Taylor Tamage Vice President
Co-Chair: Scott Tulane President Elect
Members: Sheana Thompson, Leslee Smith, Alyssa Duncan

Board of Directors 2018-2019
Chairman of the Board- Ariele King
President- Phenix Baldwin
President-Elect- Scott Tulane
Vice President- Taylor Tamage
Treasurer- Aaron Psikal
Executive Secretary- Leslee Smith
Educator Representative- Sheana Thompson
Webpage Editor- Kiley Hatch
State Delegates-Curtis Holmes and Tori Maxey
Radiation Therapy Representative- Marissa Johnson
Student Interns- Nicole Ortiz, Corina Doshier,
Megan Shrock

Life Members
Ronald Boodt
Leta Chambers -Deceased
Barbara Curcio
Raymond Horne - Deceased
Jerry Jeskey - Deceased
Curtis Holmes
Will Johnson
William Raulick - Deceased
Sister Johanna Renn - Deceased
Sharon Johnson
Edith Long
Kenneth Lyon
Mary Pierce-Reagan
J. William Raulick - Deceased
Margaret Rosenfelt
Barbara Shoemake
Carole Sullivan
Betty Todd - Deceased
Ernie Teer - Deceased
Tori Maxey
Jeff Berry

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